Photo Editing

All of our printing services include complimentary image editing which may include adjustments to colour, contrast, saturation, exposure and sharpening. Additional and more complex edits may be required and although often included, may be subject to additional charges at current studio rates.


Examples of Basic Edits
Scroll over the image to see the before edit view

Using Lightroom and Photoshop

We are strong advocates for Adobe Lightroom as the go-to application for quick and impactful photo editing. Adobe Photoshop packs more punch for the tricky stuff, but Lightroom gets our vote 9 times out of 10.

Photography as Art
We believe that Pixels are to photographers what pigments are to fine artists. The artistry is in how those pixels are manipulated, shaped and feathered before, during and after the shutter captures an exposure. Some argue that photos shouldn't be altered using a computer. We compare that logic to telling a painter that they shouldn't mix colours on a pallete ... rather silly don't you think?


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