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At Branded Visuals we prefer to have customers bring their images in on a USB drive if possible. We also accept digital files stored on any external device including memory cards and external drives. If sending files electronically, we encourage you to use our FTP transfer site hosted by HIGHTAIL (formerly USENDIT). High resolution files take forever to upload using standard email service. With our 3rd party secure transfer site, there is no limit to the size of file you send. Just be sure not to shut down your computer before the file has fully uploaded.

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Please read before UPLOADING A FILE

Copyright Agreement:

By uploading a file for printing, the sender acknowledges that they are the originator of the file and/or have written permission to make a digital copy of the file by the copyright holder. By sending the file, the copyright holder extends permission to Branded Visuals to make prints in quantities agreed upon by the sender. Branded Visuals will make partial prints of the file for proofing purposes and will hold the file in safe keeping for the purpose of producing future products unless otherwise directed by the file originator.

A Note about File Formats

First let it be said clearly that we can get excellent results from pretty much any type of camera, including phones, go-pros and compact cameras. Image quality is not always synonymous with pixel count or sensor size. Image quality is more often the result of lighting, composition, story and proper technique.

That being said ... we recommend uploading your print-ready files in the following formats:

JPG or TIFF - if you are not shooting RAW and don't edit your images in Lightroom or Photoshop
DNG - if processing your image in Lightroom
TIFF or PSD - if editing in Photoshop

We also recommend calibrating your monitor and using an Adobe RGB colour space from the get-go.


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